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Post by Admin on Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:26 am

Forum Rules!

The forum manages the regulation escape clause

My viewpoint, and website position representing an author only are unconcerned with the article that Article 1 publishes within the forum. Out of the premise observing country relevance law and regulation, we are entitled to delete the person under the situation of not allowing after the author in article published by forum.

All second forum article , content , information , data. All no guarantee it's accuracy , completeness , validity , temporality. Compose out judging by self condition and the judgement please. Read this station content waiting because of the misleading other factor but the loss responsibility bringing about is conceited. This station does not have any responsibility.

Third fora suspend serving time, with prior announcement if needing because of system upkeep or promotion. Suspend service if leading to because of circuit and hardware malfunction or other act of Providence being not our company control area outside, in suspending serving all that the period brings about being responsible inconveniently entirely not with loss , the forum!

Fourth forum users self is conscientious , the forum does not undertake any responsibility to violate PRC law's , everything consequence because of violating the regulation declaring that originally.

Fifth all that look upon as the voluntarily recipient forum declaration with any way landing this station or direct , indirect usage forum data person, restrain. Declare that the problem not having related that consults the country originally in connection with laws and statutes , taking country laws and statutes as the standard when declaring that law and regulation conflicts with state laws as if it be capital.

Logon ID rule.
Do not use the following logon name please:

Party composes in reply state leaders or celebrity's true full name , character, howl other, stage name , pen name; Apparatus of state or other the organization name;Name of block of wood civilization , block of wood health; Others easy to create ambiguity , arouse misunderstands that name; Graphical symbol, name.

The quilt deletes the logon famous general containing all above content unconditionally.

Forum advice to cyber acquaintance per one

That the forum hopes member each regards self as one molecule of community, but is not a spectator,If you think that the cynicism field sneers at others only look at others's joke, not come to here please;That the forum hopes every member is to friendly , to treat each other on an equal footing and observe public order,;If not come to here, because of here are not wasteyard and the battlefield running foul of each other please you possibly air self's grievances here,;

Content that forum absolute prohibition talks about;

Forbid discussing all political matter! Forbid publishing any eroticism article and the photograph!Forbid the antipathetic photograph and content to spread terror , murder and give person optesthesia! Forbid carrying out personal attack!Forbid carrying out destructive remarks to the government and law!
Forbid the announcement discussing that everything violates Chinese law and "the country Internet electron to serve the content managing regulation's".

The word or ID or IP handle the will delete host note , simultaneous taboo violating above-mentioned regulation!

Standard sticking in disregard of the relevant rules and regulations

The photograph is similar to any human body reveal the photograph and the human body art photograph in disregard of the relevant rules and regulations. Have stuck again and again very many times photograph.Eroticism's and the photograph playing edge ball. Photograph causing person optesthesia antipathy.

Cheat a kind

Deceive a branch into being obviously. Repeat irrigation , grab a building's. The invitation title and content are inconsistent , cheat point of a strike,The stability and image endangering a community resemble. Content low level is not healthy. Excessive nature topic of conversation or fault private matters one wants to hide is inadvisable to discuss that on a public occasion very much topic of conversation. Speech is dirty.Yellow joke and minor piece of yellow. Hold virus connection or the evil intention code. To the forum, evil intention breaks up. Low and vulgar , dull news

Waste community resource resembling gravely

The community rotates the content have stuck again and again. Repeat the title making or identical invitation of content. The consumer is used to test functional invitation. Photograph that unable rightness demonstrates (demonstrate Cheng X's). Content is devoid of content. Hold large amount of blank space effect in invitation the consumer reads other.

Other resembles

Ask about community function usage's. Discuss administrative person office procedure's , question. Carry out advertisement , interlinkage propagating on other website , product. Son who evil intention is attacked or insults sticking of the administrative person in disguised form. Other community prohibited by official order content. Take pictures others photograph stealthily.

Contain all above content's , a handling crew is deleted in sticking or replying to a host.
Send out ID sticking in disregard of the relevant rules and regulations again and again will look at circumstance degree of seriousness giving corresponding treatment
Have question person to administrative person administration, complain that community person in charge is able to do out reply within the shortest time directly to the head of a station please. The middle thinking network government net reserves a power of interpretation.

Delete the standard complaining stick as regards

Be deleted asking a consumer to read consumer regulation and the introspection first closely to son

Court for statement to the note managing the contradiction not leading to dose getting rich not to, dispatch the complaint complaining that the mail is in progress directly to administrative person please.

Send out a note courting for statement namely look upon as also without exception, note distributed by waiver accuses right , deletes and warns an once

Repeated hair is stuck courting for statement exceeding a triple forcing consumer ID out.

The letter of complaint asks submit the following content

Accuse person ID , complain that time happened in the event , the event , accuse a reason , accuse evidence

Wonderful article standard

Health substantial in content has new intention , the plain wound sticks giving priority to thinking. The plain of high quality establishes content and throws into the plain wound content goes and making attentively.

Be able to let a consumer learn to arrive at useful knowledge content.

Online three administrative person accepts this note being a wonderful article


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